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Leaving the Google Sandbox

This graph of visitor numbers referred from Google Search shows how traffic from Google changes from:
  • Site created
  • Site indexed by google
  • Site entered google sandbox
  • Site left google sandbox
Google Sandbox Effect
(Visitors graph courtesy of Google Analytics).

Amazon referral fees

The site has provided a steady trickle of click-throughs to Amazon, however these result in conversions of only 5% or so into actual orders / sales. This is made slightly worse by the fact that I am referring to books, but people will tend to also look in the 'used' section of amazon - which may mean that a given sale price ends-up being a fraction of the Recommended Retail Price. Sometimes a click through can result in a sale, but the customer may have chosen a used book at a low price, and the amazon affiliate commission may be less than 1 UK pence.
If you target your links to particularly expensive amazon products, then customers may still opt for cheap used versions of the same product.

Amazon referral products

So far sales through Amazon have been low, but one thing I have noticed is that the majority of revenue has actually been generated from other products which are totally unrelated to the product aimed at with the click-through.
This might suggest that it is worth making the amazon advertisements less targeted. I will leave it another month or two before trying that approach.  
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