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Page Rank, Google Referral Programme

Page Rank vs Vistitors

Does PageRank translate into Numbers of Visitors?
My google toolbar is now updated with the page rank for my various sites. Interestingly, the rank is as follows:
SitePage RankVisitors w/e 13th MayPage Views w/e 13th May
www.griddler.co.uk 22151371
www.word-search-world.griddler.co.uk 344164
www.lightningbreakrobot.griddler.co.uk 32225
www.webmaster-diary.griddler.co.uk (not indexed)-00

So the site which gets most by far the most hits has the lowest page rank. This seems a bit peculiar, especially since a good chunk of the website traffic comes from search engines.

Google Referrals

Given that the Amazon revenue is so low I figure it may be better to use an alternative referral source. The Google Referral programme seems better, particularly as you get paid for referral purchases of third party services made within 30 days of the click through (or up to 90 days or more for a Google product).
In addition you can also view potential revenue for particular purchase/signup events following the click through, and a rating for likely click-through conversion rates. An added bonus is that if you are already implementing adsense, then the Google Referral revenue will automatically suplement the adsense stream.
I implemented a specifically targeted referral add to the websites most heavily hit pages and will see if it performs better than the Amazon referral programme.
Having monitored the Google banner ad referrals I can see that there is a much lower click-through rate than I had previously acheived for targetted amazon products. There is also no uptake on the products. This may just be my unusual experience, or maybe the wrong ads are being targetted, but so far the Google referral ads are wasting screen real estate and I think make the site look less trustworthy.  
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